Sunday, 31 July 2011

M43L Tro0P3rs - Malaysian Jokes

When stupid animals like these who have no form of common sense whatsoever insult or attack Singapore, I will be more than willing to step in and help my country.

Posting this in the hope that these so-called "hackers" see this (psychologically, fail hackers like these people will search up themselves on Google to boost their ego).

To those just joining in, a group of Malaysians (supposedly two) called  "M43L Tro0P3rs" decided to hack a few Singaporean websites over the latest football game (Heh, silly. I hate football too, but whatever). They claim, and I quote (BAD ENGLISH ALERT) "So Rude With Us When We Lost with you" and "Was Won With The “Cheat Acting” and imported Player". "We Lost With Dignity and We Play With our Pure National Player. So Dont Make Some Annoying Insult with Us!!!".

Well let's take a look at the Malaysian sore "LOOSER" tactics. (Credit to some Stomper)
1. Malaysian players would first launch a mind game to intimidate their opponent before match.
2. Their fans would then either insult the opponent's players or use a laser pointer on their goalkeeper to win the match.
3. Whether they win or lose, their newspapers will launch another attack.
4. Their retarded fans deface opponent's flag with outrageous spelling mistakes.
5. Sore Malaysian football goons hack into S'pore websites.

Yet, Singapore hasn't even done any attacks, verbally or physically, towards the Malaysians. Who's the one without dignity now?

Both of you think you are smart? Think again. All you can do is target websites with SQL/Javascript Vulnerabilities. Can't hack anything else? Can't DoS anything? Can't crack any hashes? Too bad. The only damage you can do is bombarding the site with a plethora of horrible English.

Note that Copy/Pasting the same message over and over again makes you look dumber and dumber. Placing the image of an ugly monkey with your message is probably your most horrid action, though. Everyone who saw 'it' is now stupider for having seen it. I award you no points.

You guys are ESPECIALLY stupid, as seen from the sheer fact that you cannot come up with your own HTML.

//Circling text trail- Tim Tilton
//Visit for this script and more
function cursor_text_circle(){
// your message here
 Copy much?

As for your "Hacked" image (, must you seriously steal from some random Iranian site (one with an exposed Index too)?

COME AT ME, YOU MONGRELS.  Bring me down like how how "" is down now.

Ah well, judging by the intelligence level shown, prepare to be Doxed and caught.
(VERY simple for those who got defaced. Find the IP which attacked you. WHOIS IP. Is Proxy? Report Abuse. Find actual IP. Is Proxy? Repeat. If not? Report to police. Profit.)

I am anonymous.
I am one.
I do forgive.
I have an eidetic memory.
Expecto Patronum.